The Lab for Innovation in Technology for Education (LITEroom) is a dedicated technology playground at UNSW. A collaboration between PVC(E), UNSW IT, World Class Environments and Students as Partners, it houses innovative and emerging technologies that have the potential to impact, shape and transform contemporary teaching practice. 

Located on the ground floor of the Library Stage 2 (see map), the LITEroom invites UNSW staff to:

  • engage and experiment with educational technologies, both in the lab and in the classroom
  • engage in an ideas exchange that supports the successful integration of technology into contemporary teaching practice. 

Experiment with LITEroom technologies 

As a UNSW staff member or student, you’re invited to visit the LITEroom and experiment with the technologies on offer in our space. You’ll be supported by our staff to learn how the technologies work, and to think about them in the context of your education practice. 

Technologies currently available in the LITEroom include:

80” touch screen PC

Wireless Presentation Solution

Virtual/Augmented reality headsets

  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift
  • Various phone based VR goggles

High-spec computers

  • Alienware VR laptop
  • Desktop PC for VR
  • iMac

360 camera

  • Matterport
  • Samsung Gear 360

We’re also constantly updating our product list. If there’s a device or software that you’re interested to trial, let us know and we’ll source it for you.

The LITEroom ideas exchange

The ideas exchange encourages LITEroom participants to share their ideas experiences around educational technologies. We organise seminars throughout the year that bring UNSW practitioners, technology vendors and technology enthusiasts together – watch this space for upcoming LITEroom events.

More information

Interested in the LITEroom? Come and say hello. 

Email to book a visit, request a product or other enquiries about the LITEroom.