Meet the Team

UNSW’s Learning Environments is involved in the strategic planning, design and delivery of world-class learning and teaching environments which are interactive, dynamic and flexible. Through collaboration and educational technology access and support, the team works in partnership with the UNSW and wider community to provide a seamless and integrated experience which supports both the physical and digital campus environments where learning can occur anytime, anywhere.

Dinesh Paikeday

Dinesh Paikeday

Director, Learning Environments

Dinesh leads the Learning Environments team and the $45M Learning Environment program that seeks to deliver world-class active and collaborative learning spaces, as well as student-led environments for experimentation and innovation. The program is an integral part of the Scientia Educational Experience and UNSW's 2025 Strategy that focuses on the significant opportunities to transform the student experience on the physical campus and seamlessly integrating the digital and physical environments.