Teaching Spaces

We have over 220 Centrally Allocated Teaching Spaces (CATS) across our Kensington campus that support integrated Learning and Teaching styles including traditional, active learning and hybrid. Our rooms are equipped with the latest technology to ensure we provide students with the best education and student experience possible.

Lecture Theatres

Our lecture theatres cater for small, medium and large classes which vary in size and configuration holding between 40 to 945 students. Our lecture theatres include Tiered and Flat (fixed seating), Harvard and ‘Turn and Learn’ style layouts. 

Tutorial, Seminar & Active Learning Spaces 

Our tutorial, seminar and active learning spaces are designed for staff and students to explore the ‘flipped classroom’ experience in greater depth. The flexible nature of these spaces supports collaborative, interactive and team-based learning. Our CATS classrooms include 85 active learning spaces which have a flat floor layout with moveable tables and chairs which enable a variety of seating configurations. 

Hybrid Teaching Spaces

Within our 220 Centrally Allocated Teaching spaces (CATS), we have a range of lecture theatres, tutorial, seminar and Active Learning Spaces which support Hybrid Teaching. Our Hybrid Teaching Spaces bring together the physical and digital learning environments so that online and face to face learning and teaching activities are combined synchronously in one class.

The technology in these Hybrid Teaching spaces includes video and audio capabilities which enable a two - way interaction between the teacher and their students attending the class in-person and online as well as between the in-person and online students themselves. 


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