About Us

Learning Spaces for the Future

UNSW Learning Environments is responsible for the strategic planning, design, and delivery of world-class learning and teaching environments at UNSW. We work in partnership with the UNSW community to enable a seamless and integrated learning experience in both the physical and digital space.

We sit within the portfolio of the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education), and we contribute to the delivery of the UNSW Scientia Educational Experience.  

Our team is focused on three key areas:

  1. Providing flexible, future-focused learning spaces that are responsive to UNSW’s current and future needs
  2. Integrating physical and digital spaces using the best learning technologies available
  3. Building a collaborative community that shares and showcases good teaching practice, which effectively uses the physical and digital spaces

We’re responsible for the strategic design and implementation of interactive, dynamic and digitally connected learning environments that facilitate new modes of formal and informal education. By integrating digital technologies with our physical spaces, we enable a seamless engagement with the learning process.

Our Initiatives

We respond to changes in the global education sector, where the rapid growth of technology is creating exciting opportunities for innovation. Active learning and student-centred education is increasingly replacing ‘chalk and talk.’ In addition to the changes in the classroom, active and blended learning across the physical and digital spaces is the way we are heading in our teaching approach. 

Learning Environments is dedicated to working with the UNSW community to enhance the educational experience by continuously improving the use of innovative educational technologies and the physical learning space.

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Our Design Principles

Our four design principles were created in partnership with students and staff to ensure we respond to the learning and teaching needs at UNSW. Our physical and digital learning spaces support the UNSW Scientia Education Model and align with the UNSW 2025 Strategy.  

Our design principles are underpinned by sustainability, standards and performance. We want to ensure that all learning spaces and relevant support services are created and maintained in a way that is financially, environmentally and socially responsible. All our learning spaces are regularly monitored, maintained and evaluated based on patterns of usage and user satisfaction.


UNSW continues to focus its efforts to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship into its research and education culture. One of the University’s 2025 objectives is to establish UNSW as a global leader in technology-enhanced learning and as a preferred partner for others in higher education and digital service delivery. Our learning environments are bold and look beyond tested technologies and pedagogies. They display creativity in their design and the activities they enable.


The UNSW 2025 Strategy demonstrates our commitment to staff and students as the heart of the University. We celebrate diversity and provide opportunities to learn, research and express views in a collaborative and respectful environment. Our learning environments encourage interaction between participants so they can facilitate active and collaborative learning. All our spaces are developed in partnership with staff and students.


We shape the future of higher education through the UNSW Scientia Educational Experience. Our strategic priority is using a unique and flexible blend of face-to-face and digital education. By delivering an integrated on-campus and digital education, UNSW is committed to promoting academic excellence and social inclusion. At UNSW Learning Environments, we pride ourselves on delivering flexible and personalised education for all our students.  

Our learning environments allow for a diversity of approaches to how students learn and also support the requirements of a variety of disciplines.

Easy to Use

UNSW seeks to empower teachers to deliver the UNSW Scientia Educational Experience. To deliver an integrated and inclusive learning experience, we design high-quality education, development programs and services systems. Together, these provide timely access to experienced instructional design and educational technology support. All our spaces are designed with students and staff in mind and require minimal specialist assistance.