Book a Room

Book a CATS room for teaching, research or study. UNSW staff or students who are members of ARC can book a room from Monday to Sunday for academic or casual purposes. Any UNSW student (ARC and non-ARC affiliated) can also utilise CATS rooms when they’re not in use. For more information, see our room booking and scheduling options below.

UNSW staff can view the room management timetable and make a booking for academic or casual use via myUNSW Room Management. Simply, login to myUNSW and explore Room Management by selecting campus, term and start and end dates.

The Scheduling and Enrolment team is responsible for producing UNSW’s central timetable. They work with all UNSW Schools to ensure that the scheduling of University spaces enhances the student experience while also meeting the staff needs.

For timetabling and scheduling enquiries UNSW staff can email the Timetabling and Scheduling team or visit the website.

If you’re a UNSW student in need of a room to study or conduct group-work, you have the option of utilising the CATS rooms when they’re not in use. If you’re part of an ARC-affiliated student society, you have access to book a CATS room for all your club activities. Visit the ARC website or explore available rooms on the Current Student website.