PALling up to get the most out of new spaces

Fourteen staff members from five UNSW faculties have volunteered to participate in the PALS initiative in Semester 1 2016. These staff members will teach their classes in purpose-built pilot spaces that have been designed to support blended, flipped and active modes of learning in which students are front and centre of the educational experience.Read more

UNSW staff say yes to learning spaces of the future

A Learning Environments pilot program is giving academic staff the opportunity to teach in UNSW’s learning spaces of the future.Read more

I collaborate, you collaborate, we all collaborate at U-Collaborate

A collaborative event to create a vision of the future of learning and teaching spaces at UNSW was at the forefront of a new project to reshape the UNSW campus.Read more

4500 students tell us what they want

A recent survey that encouraged UNSW students to share their thoughts on where and how they like to study and learn attracted 4500 responses, and will provide a key platform for student input into the ongoing development of the UNSW Learning Environments Strategy.Read more

New standards ensure quality outputs for learning environment design

An advisory group that provides Faculty and School advice to the UNSW Learning Environments unit is providing key input on design standards. This input will guide the ongoing development of the University’s physical learning and teaching spaces, now and into the future.Read more