A day in the life of … Ricardo Thomson, Senior Technician, Projects

Ricardo is the Senior Technician, Projects in the PVCE Learning Environments unit.Read more

PALS evaluation validates new standards for active learning spaces

An initial evaluation of the Pilot Active Learning Spaces (PALS) Project run by UNSW Learning Environments has provided an evidence base for the future development of interactive and collaborative classrooms across the UNSW Kensington campus.Read more

A day in the life of... Valerie Combe-Germes, French Studies Convener

As the convener of the French Studies program at UNSW, I spend a lot of my time teaching, either in a lecture or in tutorials. Our classes are always a lot of fun – a foreign language is quite a difficult subject to tackle, so making its study as engaging as possible is the key to success. For this reason, I tend to look for rooms that are well suited to the needs of language students; that is to say, rooms that support activities to develop speaking, writing, listening and reading skills.Read more

See yourself in UNSW’s active learning spaces

Are you an academic staff member teaching in 2017? Would you like to see the active learning spaces that UNSW has on offer?

The Learning Environments Unit is running two tours of our active...Read more

New strategy provides framework for development

The UNSW Learning Environments Strategy will provide the foundation on which UNSW will deliver world-class teaching and learning environments that will support contemporary approaches to education.Read more