New strategy provides framework for development

A new strategy that provides a framework for the ongoing development of UNSW’s learning environments has been formally endorsed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), Iain Martin. 

The UNSW Learning Environments Strategy will provide the foundation on which UNSW will deliver world-class teaching and learning environments that will support contemporary approaches to education.

“The endorsement of the strategy is an important milestone in the ongoing development of UNSW learning and teaching spaces,” said Professor Mark Uncles, Deputy Dean of the UNSW Business School & Chair of the Learning Spaces Project Board.

“The strategy is a key enabler for us to deliver world class teaching and learning environments, incorporating concepts such as personalised and blended learning, activity based learning and collaborative learning.

“[It] provides us with an overarching framework for the future of our learning environments and support services, clearly setting out the objectives we need to meet for the University and the strategies we will employ to meet those objectives.”

The strategy aligns with other key university strategies including UNSW 2025, Campus 2020 Master Plan, the Digital Campus Master Plan and the UNSW Guidelines on Learning. While its development was led by the Learning Environments unit, the strategy itself is a university-wide document that was informed by an intensive consultation process spanning the breadth of UNSW. 

Input was sought via the UNSW Learning Spaces Review Survey, which was completed by more than 4500 staff and students; the U-Collaborate workshop, attended by approximately 130 UNSW leaders, students, academics and professional staff; a series of Faculty workshops led by Associate Deans of Education; and ongoing contributions from the Learning Environments Design Advisory Group and Learning Spaces Project Board.

“It’s important that the strategy represents the interests of a variety of UNSW stakeholders, and that it responds to the diverse needs and challenges of staff and students,” said Sue Beardman, Director of the Learning Environments unit. 

“Our stakeholder network will continue to inform the ongoing development of UNSW learning environments as the strategy is rolled out in early 2016.

View the Learning Environments Strategy.