New-look Learning Environments team takes a strategic approach

A restructure of the Learning Environments unit will result in more streamlined service offerings for staff and students at UNSW.

The AV team will become part of broader UNSW IT services, while the Scheduling team, responsible for timetabling of UNSW classes, has joined the Student Administration Unit. The remaining Learning Environments staff now comprise a strategic unit within the broader PVCE portfolio.

This new structure reflects natural synergies between operational teams and their new units – the AV team will contribute to the delivery of enhanced IT standards and service delivery across the university, while the Scheduling team will work alongside other student administrative functions that support and shape the UNSW student experience.

Collaboration between the Learning Environments, Scheduling and AV teams on a range of strategic issues will be ongoing.

“This approach will be aligned with the PVCE portfolio partnership model with faculties and other services,” says Professor Geoffrey Crisp,Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education).

“The partnership model will allow a more effective and efficient delivery of services to staff and students.”

Working alongside the Academic Development Services and Educational Delivery Services teams, the new Learning Environments team will contribute to the delivery of the UNSW Scientia Educational Experience, a key component of the UNSW 2025 Strategy.

The unit has already led the delivery of UNSW’s first active learning precincts in the Mathews and Goldstein buildings. They are currently developing a pipeline of projects across the UNSW campus, part of a $45 million investment in the development of active learning environments.

Projects include the delivery of a new active learning precinct in the Quadrangle and Business School buildings, a transformation of the Red Centre ground floor and mezzanine into a series of student-led spaces, and the improvement of learning environments in the Tyree Energy and Technologies Building.

“We’re working to transform UNSW’s physical and digital learning environments in a way that inspires our students and shapes their university experience,” Professor Crisp says.