4500 students tell us what they want

A recent survey that encouraged UNSW students to share their thoughts on where and how they like to study and learn attracted 4500 responses, and will provide a key platform for student input into the ongoing development of the UNSW Learning Environments Strategy. 

The Learning Spaces Survey was sent to all UNSW students, asking undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students what they like about the existing spaces and services, and what they’d like to see more of in the future. 

Respondents provided a wide variety of responses, from highlighting the impact of specific services and facilities on their study experience to identifying a need for more spaces that foster group work and collaboration. 

Feedback included 

I am in media production – one of the reasons I work in my faculty is because of the editing software that I am able to use and edit.

I want a variety of study spaces eg media booth, group rooms and single study areas.

I like the Library. All resources there, computers, printers, books, videos, wifi etc. Quiet and bright, sun drenched rooms, warm in winter.

Being able to charge my laptop is important to me so finding a close power-point when deciding a campus study space is vital.

The quad is an easy space to meet new people and catch up with old friends.

The main library group facilities are second to none, as it consists of booths and large tables in areas where group work is encouraged, meaning it is easier for groups to get work done. Also, everyone knows where it is. 

We need areas where you can talk to discuss ideas and it's easy to find a desk for everyone. We need free group rooms on campus when we need them.

Coffee shops are good and we can also grab some food and coffee while studying – to study longer.

A quiet atmosphere, a private desk and chair, natural light, power outlets, bathrooms on the floor and a water bubbler. I prefer a desk chair as opposed to the bar stool seating.

An area with lots of seating and good atmosphere to have discussions. Power outlets and presentation/white boards are also helpful in getting discussions going.

A sleeping room if this existed I would always be at uni and attend everything! Most of the time the issue of being too tired, I need naps to retain information when I study so I think this is so important.

Whiteboards are important, I'm a very visual learner and that is also how I teach others.

The temperature of the space is important as it helps me concentrate.

A greater level of access to facilities in periods such as weekends - including for my engineering assignments that require the use of specialist software. 

Technology is changing constantly. There are many smart applications that help provide a better learning environment for students. For instance, spaces that can be booked in an interactive way on the iPad would be good for quiet time and group discussions.


All respondents went into a draw to win one of six Visa vouchers.

The survey was the latest piece of the Learning Spaces Project, a University-wide initiative that prioritises the learning and teaching experience and looks at how best to manage ongoing investment into our learning environments. Survey responses will be fed into the project, ensuring that students have a clear voice in the future developments. 

Read more about the Learning Spaces Project or tell us what you think about UNSW learning spaces.