The LITEroom

What is the LITEroom?

The Lab for Innovation in Technology for Education (LITEroom) is a dedicated hub for UNSW to showcase new educational technologies, allowing staff hands-on access to new products and equipment that have the potential to make a positive contribution to learning and teaching practices. The LITEroom also aims to supports staff  in integrating efficient digital solutions into their everyday activities.

The LITEroom is a collaboration between PVC(E) Learning Environments and UNSW IT. It contributes to the Scientia Education Modelpillars of ‘inspired learning through inspired teaching’ and ‘being digital’.

How does the LITEroom work?

The LITEroom will showcase a range of innovative and emerging education technologies and equipment that can impact, shape and transform teaching and learning activities. Academic staff will be invited to ‘come and play’ with the technologies and to provide feedback if there is merit in pursuing further investigation.  Technologies that are well received by both staff and students will then follow a defined process of evaluation, including potentially trialling in the existing (PALS) pilot active learning spaces (Mathews 227 and 228) to determine suitability for broader use across UNSW.

New technologies will be showcased in the LITEroom on a regular basis. These will be sourced from a range of UNSW innovations, such as the Lightboard (an Engineering/Business School partnership). External companies in the educational technology sector will also be invited to contribute.

Why the LITEroom?

The LITEroom makes a unique contribution to teaching and learning at UNSW by:

- enabling rigorous testing of educational technologies prior to widespread rollout

- encouraging innovation in teaching practice

- supporting UNSW’s ongoing commitment to the development of contemporary learning environments that can be configured to meet future needs and standards. 

More information

The LITEroom will be located on the Ground Floor of Library Stage 2 (map reference F21).

For more information, please contact Learning Environments (